Road Trip Japanese Iced Chocolate Coffee Recipe

Road Trip Japanese Iced Chocolate Coffee Recipe

Stuck on a long road trip with no decent coffee options?

Make your own with this easy Japanese-style iced coffee.

Road Trip Japanese Iced Chocolate Coffee

 Servings Prep Time Brew Time
1 5 minutes 2 minutes


Road Trip Japanese Iced Chocolate Coffee

No more nasty gas station mud water that tastes like old motor oil.

Just refreshingly cold and delicious iced coffee that takes about 5 minutes to make while you and your dog take a pee break.

No precise measurements required.

This is pure grandma style coffee making. A little bit of this. A little bit of that.

If you want a more precise Japanese Iced Coffee recipe, and to learn why this iced coffee method kicks ass, check out how to make one with an AeroPress at home


Coffee Gear


  • About 1 rounded AeroPress scoop of medium-fine ground coffee
  • About 6 oz of water, a few seconds off the boil
  • Chocolate milk (optional)




    • More details? 
      Nah. If you're making coffee on the road, or at the campsite, there's no need to be precise. You can go full bougie café with precise measurements, scales, and titanium tasting spoons if you want. That's up to you. This recipe is for when  you need coffee on the road. Now.

    • Chocolate milk? Why are you such a coffee heathen?
      Coffee. Chocolate. Sugar. What can be wrong when that combination is so right? 

    • Ice Management Tip. 
      Snag free ice from your hotel or any convenience store. If you don't have a cooler, pack it in an insulated tumbler. You'll be surprised at just how long that ice can last. Plus, the AeroPress will perfectly sit on the mouth of most insulated tumblers. 
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