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Cooper's Coffee Club

Cooper's Coffee Club


MICRO-LOT #3: Nicaragua Finca Los Pinos (organic)

Roast: Medium
Size: 12 oz | Whole Bean Only

Origin: Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Flavor Notes: Brown sugar, black cherry, and a hint of baker's chocolate

Varietal: Caturra, Java
Altitude: 1,400 MASL
Processing:  Washed, sun dried on raised beds
Certification: Organic

 🐕‍🦺💖 20% of profits from every bag sold trains a lifesaving K9 partner for a veteran. 


Micro-Lot #3 comes from the Corrales family of Finca Los Pinos, located near Matagalpa, Nicaragua. The combination of a high elevation climate and rich mineral soil creates a coffee that is bright with a balanced body tempered by a sweet complexity.

Corralles Family of Finco Los Pinos

Finca Los Pinos is certified organic and the farm is combined with areas of planted forest to improve water retention and various agricultural products.


Experience the ultimate combination of sweet cherry, brown sugar and a hint of rich chocolate when you try this coffee with our specially crafted medium roast. Our diligent experimentation with roasting times and temperatures allows the bright fruit flavors to remain intact, but adds a depth of flavor with notes of chocolate and brown sugar. With each sip, you'll be tantalized by the complex and full-bodied flavor of this coffee.

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Subscription Details

Cooper's Coffee Club is dedicated to the aspiring coffee conoisseur. Subscribers will receive one 12-oz bag of whole bean coffee every month. Each coffee will be from a hand-picked micro-lot and will change on the first of every month, with no coffee repeated throughout the calendar year.

No fees, no obligation, cancel anytime.
Join Cooper's Coffee Club and have specialty grade micro-lot coffee delivered to your doorstep every month for less than $1.00/day per cup!
Free shipping within the United States
Cooper's Coffee Club is free to join; no extra subscription fees or sign up fees.
Like all of our coffees, micro-lots are roasted to order and processed daily to provide the highest quality and freshest coffee possible.

Cooper's Coffee Club is limited to a small number of subscribers every month. If this month's coffee is showing "OUT OF STOCK" and you want to be notified of the next opening, please join out waitlist by clicking the button below.


Customer Reviews

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Exploring new coffees while supporting small farmers with every cup!

I love this coffee subscription! I've only received one bag so far and it's delicious! Smooth with great flavors I haven't found in many other coffees. I wish you offered a 2-lb option. Or even sold more coffee from Guatemala. The coffee is fresh and delivered right to my door! Highly recommended!