Our Story

Our Adventure Begins

At Adventure Dog Coffee Company, founded by John and Sue Kuhlman in 2020, we understand the profound connection between outdoor exploration, faithful companionship, and the perfect cup of joe.

Crafting Excellence in Every Bean

Our coffee journey begins with a commitment to quality. We scour the globe for the finest shade-grown, high-elevation beans, meticulously selected for their exceptional flavor profiles. Slowly ripening on the plant, our Arabica coffee cherries develop a natural sweetness that infuses every sip with unparalleled richness.

Once in our hands, each batch is roasted to order with care and precision. We don't believe in stockpiling roasted coffee. Instead, we roast your beans fresh the morning after you order. That means your coffee arrives at your doorstep at the peak of its flavor, ensuring a truly exceptional experience with every cup.

The Spirit of Adventure, Embodied in Every Dog

As avid adventurers ourselves, and passionate advocates for service dogs, we recognize the boundless joy and unwavering presence our canine companions bring to our lives.

Dogs are more than just pets.

They're our loyal partners in exploration, teaching us to embrace the here and now with unwavering enthusiasm.

That's why each of our coffee labels features a real-life adventure dog that holds a special place in our hearts. From spirited hikes to serene moments in nature, these furry friends remind us to live in the moment, just as we should when savoring our morning brew.

Giving Back with Every Sip

At Adventure Dog Coffee Company, we're not just passionate about great coffee...

We're dedicated to making a positive impact in the world.

That's why we donate 20% of profits from every bag sold to nonprofit partners like The Seeing Eye, an organization committed to enhancing the independence and dignity of blind individuals through the use of trained guide dogs.

With every sip of Adventure Dog Coffee, you're not just embarking on a flavorful journey. You're also supporting the incredible work of organizations that make a difference in the lives of humans and dogs alike.

Please join us in raising a mug to adventure, companionship, and making a meaningful impact—one cup at a time.