Our Story

Nearly every outdoor adventure has started with the spiced chocolaty aroma of a hot, delicious cup coffee and a steadfast companion by our sides. 

John and Sue Kuhlman founded Adventure Dog Coffee Company in 2020 to celebrate that pursuit of happiness through caffeine, canines & the great outdoors.

The Coffee
The process starts with finest shade-grown, higher elevation, specialty grade coffee from around the world. Growing in these conditions, our 100 percent Arabica coffee matures more slowly on the plant. This imparts more of the coffee cherry’s natural sweetness to the bean.

Those beans are carefully slow-roasted to order.

That means we have no inventory of roasted coffee sitting around getting stale. That also means we don't have a bag of your coffee on the shelf, ready to go as soon as your order comes in.

We get your order. 

We roast it the next morning.

And then we ship it later in the day (depending on how early the roast happens), or more likely, the next day. 

Most folks get their coffee in about a week from when they placed their order. 

The Dogs
"We can only be happy now...and there will never be a time when it is not now." - Gerald G. Jampolsk

That pretty much sums up a dog. 

They don’t worry about what happened 10 minutes ago…

Or what will happen to them 10 minutes in the future.

Dogs are the ultimate adventure buddies who continue to inspire us to get outside, and once there, stay present in the moment...

Just like we should be doing when we're enjoying that first cup of coffee in the morning.

You can learn more about the furballs when you check out the coffees with their names on the labels. 

In the weeks ahead, we’ll share more about our current canine crew and how they i