AeroPress Japanese Iced Coffee Recipe

AeroPress Japanese Iced Coffee Recipe

The AeroPress is the Swiss Army knife of home coffee brewers. This recipe details how to use this space-age plunger to make a quick, easy, and super tasty iced coffee.

There is no trick to making "Japanese" iced coffee…

Brew the coffee with hot water and then RAPIDLY cool it by brewing directly onto ice.

No tricks, but many benefits.

AeroPress Japanese Iced Coffee

 Servings Prep Time Brew Time
1 2 minutes 3 minutes


AeroPress Japanese Iced Coffee

Exposing coffee grinds to hot water pulls more of those flavorful compounds from the beans. With a premium coffee, this will give you a balanced cup.

Now, you could pour this brewed coffee over a glass of ice, and you'll probably get something drinkable if you add enough dairy or dairy substitute.

You could also repurpose your old hot cup of coffee and pour it over ice. You'll end up with a bitter and stale — but cold — brew.

Brewing directly over ice, your drips of fresh hot coffee are flash-cooled as soon as they hit the ice. This rapid chilling creates a brighter and cleaner flavor that you really can taste.

The AeroPress is perfect for making Japanese Iced Coffee but use whatever brewing method you like: brewing machine, French press, moka, Hario V60, Chemex, etc.

We're using the "inverted" method for this brew. This simply means starting with the AeroPress upside down so the coffee grinds can be immersed in hot water for a longer time and bloom.

The bloom is a critical part of the flavoring process when hot water releases carbon dioxide trapped in the beans. The bloom minimizes any sour taste.

Once the bloom is complete (anywhere from 30-60 seconds, flip over the AeroPress and start pushing the water through the coffee (percolation).


Coffee Gear


  • 15g (about 1 rounded AeroPress scoop) of medium-fine ground coffee
  • 225g (about 8 oz) of water heated to 200°F


  1. Set the inverted AeroPress plunger to the "4" circle. 
  2. Add 1 rounded scoop of coffee.
  3. Add enough water to wet the grinds.
  4. Stir the water and grinds to make sure they get wet.
  5. Let the grinds "bloom" for 45 seconds. 
  6. Slowly pour the remaining hot water to near the top of the chamber.
  7. Put on and secure the filter basket.
  8. Flip over onto a cup filled with ice and slowly push the plunger as far as it will go. 
  9. Give the brew a quick stir to cool it down more. Enjoy!



    • What kind of coffee should I use? 
      We’re partial to our organic Queenie’s Cold Brew. These Arabica beans are sourced from one of our favorite high altitude growing regions in South America. The bean variety starts with a rich chocolate base and the drying process (sun-dried with the coffee fruit still on the bean) brings in the higher noted tart fruity element. Otherwise, we recommend going with your favorite light roast. This brewing method tends to emphasize floral and fruit overtones. From our shop, we suggest: Max's Mexican Chiapas, and Cooper's Colombian (Full City Roast)

    • Ice Management Tip. Your ice will melt when it comes in contact with the hot coffee. It's basic bro science thermodynamics. You can drink the coffee from that first pour and be good to go. Otherwise, brew into an insulated tumbler (like in the video). Put the tumbler lid to keep the ice from spilling out, and then pour it into a second glass with fresh ice.
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