Coffee breath ain't fun

Is coffee breath really that bad?

The short answer is yes.

Coffee breath is bad for everyone.

We all know someone who enjoys their morning cup of black coffee, immediately followed by a too-close-to-you conversation about yesterday's staff meeting. 

That leads to another question for us coffee drinkers: Do we brush our teeth before or after that first cup? 

Let's ask third-year dental student Anthony Baroud.

"The first thing I have to do is brush, because I wake up like eugh, gross morning mouth," says Baroud. "I would say you should for sure brush right when you wake up, but if you are going to brush again after you drink coffee, ideally, you should wait 30 minutes to an hour."


"Coffee's acidic, and if you were to immediately brush after drinking it, you could potentially damage your teeth if you do that every day. What I do after I drink coffee is just swish around some water in my mouth and then go forth with the day."

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