AeroPress Honey Orange Iced Coffee Recipe

AeroPress Honey Orange Iced Coffee Recipe

This AeroPress recipe combines Japanese-style flash brewing with an orange slice flavor hack to make a sweet and citrusy iced coffee.

AeroPress Honey Orange Iced Coffee

 Servings Prep Time Brew Time
1 5 minutes 3 minutes


Adventure Dog Coffee AeroPress Honey Orange Iced Coffee Recipe

First, Japanese iced coffee is coffee with hot water using the AeroPress. The AeroPress is inverted so we can give the grinds time to bloom (de-gas the carbon dioxide in the beans and start dissolving soluble flavor compounds) and then RAPIDLY cool it by percolating the hot coffee onto ice.

Next, we give this coffee an extra citrus boost by placing a thin slice of mandarin orange in the filter basket. The orange kicks in a bit of flavor during the extraction process.

The only tricky part of this recipe is slicing the orange to the correct size. It needs to be slightly smaller than the AeroPress chamber so you can seal the basket. Make sure you test-fit your orange slice before brewing.

Make sure you add the honey before you let the hot coffee percolate on the ice. This will help it dissolve a bit. If you don’t, the honey will form a glob at the bottom of the cup. Not the end of the world but you’ll want that honey sweetness diffused through the coffee.

You can do the flash cooling right over the cup or glass you will be drinking from. In this video, we brew over an insulated tumbler with a (mostly) leak-proof lid. This lets us shake the iced coffee like a martini to accelerate the cooling and add a bit of froth.

Coffee Gear


  • 15g (about 1 rounded AeroPress scoop) of medium-fine ground coffee
  • 225g (about 8 oz) of water heated to 200°F
  • Mandarin orange slice
  • Honey


  1. Set the inverted AeroPress plunger to the "4" circle.
  2. Add 1 rounded scoop of coffee.
  3. Add enough water to wet the grinds.
  4. Stir the water and grinds to make sure they get wet.
  5. Let the grinds "bloom" for 45 seconds.
  6. Slowly pour the remaining hot water to near the top of the chamber.
  7. Put the paper filter in the filter basket and the orange slice on top of the filter.
  8. Flip over onto a cup filled with ice and slowly push the plunger as far as it will go.
  9. Shake the brew in your tumbler for aeration and to cool it down more. Enjoy!



    • What kind of coffee should I use? 
      While we typically use Queenie’s Organic Cold Brew beans for cold brew and iced coffees, we wanted to pair deeper dark chocolate overtones with the orange and honey. Skip’s Sumatra Mandheling is grown in the rich volcanic soils on the slopes of Mount Leuser in the Batak region of west-central Sumatra. This coffee has a bold, rich, and earthy darkness. The high elevation and humid growing conditions lead to an intense and captivating cup of coffee with low acidity and higher caffeine.

      Unlike other regions where the parchment is removed from the bean (hulling) at 10-12 percent moisture, Sumatran coffees are hulled at approximately 50 percent moisture. This process, known as Giling Basah, results in a bean with a very full body with a concentrated flavor, herbal nuances, and a spicy finish…perfect for this refreshing iced coffee recipe.

    • For more orange.
      Garnish with a slice of orange to people think you're fancier than you are. Some folks also like to squeeze a tablespoon or two of orange juice for a stronger orange flavor. 

    • Ice Management Tip. 
      Your ice will melt when it comes in contact with the hot coffee. It's basic bro science thermodynamics. You can drink the coffee from that first pour and be good to go. Otherwise, brew into an insulated tumbler (like in the video). Put the tumbler lid to keep the ice from spilling out, and then pour it into a second glass with fresh ice.
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